Do I have to cut out my tattoo before applying it?

FAQ Summary:  Date: Wednesday 28 November, 2018
No (unless there are several tattoos on one tattoo sheet).

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There are quite a few temporary tattoos of dubious quality on the market (e.g. on sites like Etsy, Amazon,...). These are often printed by the providers themselves on cheap printers. Typical feature of these tattoos is that the entire tattoo sheet is glued. These vendors advise you to cut the tattoo as close to the design as possible. Actually that should be a signal not to buy these tattoos!

The temporary tattoos on our website are top quality. This means, among other things, that we ensure that there is only glue on the place where the tattoo is. The rest of the tattoo sheet there is no glue. That means you do not have to cut out the tattoos.

The exception to this is, of course, when there are several tattoos on one single tattoo sheet. Then you will first have to cut out the tattoo that you want to apply.

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