Do I have to pay taxes / VAT?

FAQ Summary:  Date: Wednesday 01 October, 2014
Belgium: YES, always 21% VAT.
European Community Countries: YES, 21% VAT, unless you have a valid European VAT Number.
Orders from outside the European Community: NO

FAQ Content:
Whether or not you have to pay taxes and VAT on our website depends on your location:


You always have to pay 21% VAT, regardless if you are a person or a company.

European Community Countries

You have to pay 21% VAT if you order from a country that is member of the European Community.

However, if you have a valid European VAT number, you do not have to pay VAT.

--> If you do have a European VAT number, please add your VAT number as a comment to your order. We will refund the VAT after we have checked your VAT number.

Orders from outside the European Community

You do not need to pay 21% VAT or taxes.

--> On our website all prices are VAT inclusive by default. If you order from outside the EU, you need to log in (we need your country) to see the prices without VAT. If you first have choosen the products and then log in, the prices will change to prices without VAT automatically at checkout.


Please be aware of the fact that your local government can apply import and other taxes on shipments to your country. This usually is no problem, since we ship most of the orders by regular or registered mail.

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