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Start Your Own Temporary Tattoo Parlor

Start Your Own Temporary Tattoo Parlor

Temporary Tattoo Parlor

Temporary tattoo parlor at the beach

A TEMPORARY TATTOO PARLOR is an easy way to earn a lot of money while you are having fun fun fun!

You will make very nice profits while making people happy. What more coud you wish?
You will notice that everyone has a big smile on their face when they leave your temporary tattoo parlor!

What You Need To Set Up Your Temporary Tattoo Parlor?

You will need this to set up your temporary tattoo parlor:

1. Water (squeeze bottle, pail or plant spray bottle).

2. Paper towels (or sponge) for wetting the temporary tattoos.

3. Alcohol + cotton balls or napkins.

4. Napkins or paper towels for wiping dry and controlling the drips.

5. Hole punch and pencil to center belly button rings.

6. Large, easily seen "TEMPORARY TATTOOS" sign.

7. Display boards with numbered pictures of the tattoos (you may use all the pictures on our website to make these boards)

8. Tattoos sorted in a box or filed by number for quick access. Be careful with your stock. Keep your tattoos away from moisture. Pack them so they will not be damaged in transit or on the tattoo parlor location.

9. A table.

Temporary Tattoo Booth

How To Apply The Temporary Tattoos?

1. Let your customer pick a tattoo.

2. Clean the skin using a cotton ball and alcohol. Wipe the area completely dry with a napkin.

3. Remove the plastic tattoo cover.

4. Press the tattoo on the skin and cover with a moist paper towel for 30 seconds. Raise a corner of the tattoo and make sure it is separating from the paper. If not, apply water for as long as necessary. If a tattoo has very thin parts, it may want to rise with the tattoo paper even though you have moistened it for a long time. In that case, try to slide the paper sideways a little bit before lifting it from the tattoo.

5. Remove paper backing and dab the tattoo with a moist paper towel to be sure it is securely attached. Let it air-dry.

6. Remind your customer that tattoos can be removed with alcohol, adhesive tape or any type of oil. Don't forget to warn against the use of skin lotion and suntan oil.

7. When applying tattoos to personal areas of the body: be professional (act like you're a doctor or a nurse).

8. Smile!

Temporary Tattoo Parlor Pricing

Check the temporary tattoo booth competition in your area. Find out what your competition charges for applied temporary tattoos. Do not go by temporary tattoo store prices! You are selling a great service, not a piece of merchandise. People want to have the tattoos applied right there right then, so they can imediately show their tattoos off and get all the attention.

When we offer our tattoos on the beachside or at festivals we charge:
- 2.50€ - 5.00€ for small to medium tattoos
- 5.00€ - 7.50€ for belly rings
- 6.00€ - 8.00€ for 6" - 15cm ankle bands and bracelets
- 6.00€ - 8.00€ for larger tattoos such as 9" - 23cm arm bands, ankle bands or back tattoos (above bikini / shorts)
- 8.00€ - 10.00€ for large tattoos
- 10.00€ - 15.00€ for 12" - 30cm armbands
- 20.00€ - 35.00€ for XXL tattoos.

You will have no problem getting these prices. Theme Parks, zoos and Disney Land are charging considerably higher prices.

Where To Set Up A Temporary Tattoo Parlor?

You can set up a temporary tattoo parlor in every place where a lot of people come together: festivals, beaches, school events, kids play grounds, sports events, dancings, hotels, charity, fund raising & awareness events, Halloween parties, flea markets, fairs,...

What Tattoos To Sell In Your Temporary Tattoo Parlor?

Think about the public you will serve in your temporary tattoo booth. Choose the tattoos that are most likely to be liked by your audience (will be different if you work with kids than if you have a tattoo parlor at a metal festival).

You can use our website to decide what temporary tattoos you want to sell. All our categories are sorted by best sellers. So the best selling temporary tattoos are always in the first pages of a category.

TattooForAWeek has a very interesting quantity discount program. The more you buy, the lower the price will be!

Buy Back Guarantee

We will buy back the tattoos you could not sell for the same price you paid them. Of course only if the are in sealable and perfect condition. This offer is good for 30 days from date of delivery.

Register Your Temporary Tattoo Parlor NOW!

Register your temporary tattoo parlor at TattooForAweek and get these extra benefits:

- You will receive an extra discount of 15% on your orders.

- We will place a link to your temporary tattoo parlor website or Facebook page on this page: 'A Temporary Tattoo Shop at Your Event?'.

- We will advertise your temporary tattoo parlor on our social media and post pictures and information from your events.

- You can claim your region on our Temporary Tattoo Parlor Region page. That way TattooForAWeek will bring you in contact with people who are looking for a temporary tattoo parlor for their event in your neighborhood.

To register, please email us your name + address + tattoo parlor name + the region you want to claim for your temporary tattoo parlor + link to your website and / or Facebook page + picture of your temporary tattoo parlor (if you have one).

Temporary Tattoo Parlor at Flea Market

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