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  Date: Monday 14 September, 2015
Looking for unique, temporary tattoos made with just as much creativity as real tattoos? Then Montattoo is the place for you!

Montattoo was founded by Bram Laebens and Arend Pijls from the company MonkeyMonkey.To build their collections, they've collaborated with creative professionals Lisa Dumon and Dries Verscheure, both tattoo artists, and Toyah De Corte, illustratrice. The designers get a carte blanche, which results in their unique style being reflected in each collection. You can read all about Montattoo on our blog!!

Below you'll see several examples:

Montattoo Lisa D. Collection

Lisa D. Collection

Montattoo Dries V. Collection

Dries V. Collection

Montattoo Toyah D. Collection

Toyah D. Collection

Gold collection

Any collection, of course, has to have the popular metallic tattoos. There is ample choice between geometric designs, feathers, palm trees, and quotes.

Montattoo Gold Collection

Play collection

For those interested in colorful, playful temporary tattoos, Bram designed the Play Collection himself.

Montattoo Play Collection

Montattoo at TattooForAWeek

Montattoos are not only unique; you can also see from the quality that creative professionals make them. And even better, they are very affordable. You can get a full tattoo sheet for less than 10 euros! Check out the full gamut of Montattoo's offering here!

Montattoo in the media:

Montattoo in Flair – behind the scenes

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