Violent Lips, temporary lip tattoos for wild ladies.

  Date: Wednesday 18 May, 2011

American cosmetic company Violent Lips aim with their temporary lip tattoos to the wild ladies segment.

With one of the 12 lip tattoo designs with names like "The Pink Polka", "The Leopard" en "The Rose Roses" you won't have any trouble being noticed.

Violent Lips temporary lip tattoo The Leopard

The lip tattoos have colourful designs like zebra stripes, leopard prints, pink roses and rainbows.

The application of the lip tattoos (also see instruction video) seems a bit cumbersome, but hey, you need to do a little effort to deserve that killer look!

Violent lips has lots of plans for the future: they are already creating 4 glitter lip tattoos (called "Gliteratti's") and 18 other lip tattoo designs.

Next year they plan to launch an other novelty: temporary tattoos for the eyelids.

You can order your temporary lip tattoos in our Violent Lips Category.

Violent Lips temporary lip tattoo The Rose Roses

We are happy with this new temporary tattoo innovation. Isn't it just great to be able to transform yourself with temporary tattoos?

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