Vatooing - Latest vagina hype.

Vatooing is decorating your vagina with a temporary tattoo and is extremely popular in the U.S.   Date: Thursday 02 September, 2010

"Vatooing" (also written "Vattooing") is the latest trend.

A beautician takes a template and sprays colored or black paint with an airbrush technique on your Venus.

Spider web vattoo

The specialists in the beauty salons say you better avoid certain positions if you want the tattoo to stay longer :-).

Of course you do not need the expensive airbrush technique to decorate your vagina. Our temporary tattoos are just perfect to do this.

Choose your sexy temporary tattoo and place it within a minute on your Venus!

We suggest these vattoos:

   Purple Flower Vatooing - Vattooing - Vagina Tattoo        This famous bald mower tattoo might be the perfect vattoo (vagina tattoo) :-)

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