Tinsley Transfers: Temporary Tattoos from Hollywood.

  Date: Tuesday 04 January, 2011
Founded by Hollywood make-up and special effects artist Christien Tinsley , Tinsley Transfers started making temporary tattoos out of necessity during the making of the film Pearl Harbor. While working on approximately 40 extras that required multiple wound and burn effects daily, Christien realized the need for a quick and timesaving tool to create such effects.

Sean Penn wears this Tinsley Transfers temporary tattoo in the movie Mystic River

The end result produced an easy to apply tattoo transfer with an emphasis on continuity and reality of the effects. Being a very gifted make-up artist, Christien gave great attention to make the tattoos as real looking as possible. The tattoos look like they have been worn for a few years already.

Great temporary tattoos from Tinsley Transfers for Justin Timberlake in the movie Alpha Dog

Established in 1999 Tinsley Transfers Inc. has solely provided Hollywood’s biggest film and television productions with custom temporary tattoo transfers. Christien Tinsleys success list is impressive: Vin Diesel in XXX, Brad Pitt in The Ocean Films, Sean Penn in Mystic River, Gary Oldman in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Wentworth Miller in Prison Break, Adrian Brody in High School and Justin Timberlake in Alpha Dog, the Madonna tour 2012 and many many others.

Tinsley Transfers Inc. continues to grow and emerge as the leading provider of temporary tattoos and makeup effects for Hollywood’s biggest stars.

Top temporary tattoos from Tinsley Transfers in Prison Break

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