Temporary tattoos for scientific research.

  Date: Monday 06 May, 2013
Researcher Viktorien Banic uses temporary tattoos for her scientific research. Ms. Banic researches Discrimination in selection interviews as a result of a visual stigma at the University of Ghent (Belgium). Visual stigmas include wine sain birthmarks, scars or a cleft palate.

Researcher Vktorien Banic at the university of Ghent, Belgium

The study made ​​use of temporary tattoos of a wine stain on the face. In total 207 selection interviews were conducted.

Naevus wine stain temporary tattoo

The research shows that visual stigmas like wine stains birthmarks do indeed play a role in selection interviews, even though the recruiters themselves are not aware of that.

The researchers chose to use temporary tattoos because of the ease of use and because the tattoos look more realistic than makeup.

As a result of this study recommendations were made to improve the odds of people with visual stigmas. For example, the research illustrates that the negative effect of the wine stain on the judgment formation decreased when the first 5 minutes of the interview was held behind a screen, so that the first impression was aurally and not visually.

This method is reminiscent of the technique used in the TV program The Voice to select the best singers.

Logo University of Ghent, Belgium

The researchers at the University of Ghent have already planned additional research in which they will also use temporary tattoos.

We are very pleased that we have been able to sponsor this research and that our temporary tattoos have proven their usefulness in a scientific context.

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