Temporary ink by Lydia Leith.

  Date: Wednesday 13 February, 2013
Maybe you remember this newsitem: “Designer Lydia Leith has designed vomit bags for people who vomit get to the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton”.

Lydia Leith emphasized that the vomit bags were meant as a joke and not as a statement against the British monarchy. With this stunt Lydia says she wanted "the hysteria surrounding the wedding to silence".

Lydia Leith Royal Jubilee Tattoos

We like Lydia Leith for her special ideas and for her fantastic sports & Royal Jubilee temporary ink.

Lydia Leith Sport Tattoos

We asked Lydia Leith about her passion for temporary ink and her motivation to use temporary tattoos to express herself.

When did you get the idea about making temporary tattoos?

“Temporary tattoos are something I remember from childhood but I haven't seen any ones that have caught my eye for a long time. I knew I wanted to explore this idea and thought sports would be an ideal subject. After all sports is all to do with the power and skill of the body and tattoos are a way of decorating the body. This then stemmed into Jubilee tattoos as well, due to popular demand.”

Lydia Leith Sport Temporary Ink

Temporary ink is very easy to apply, is this also a reason why you express yourself with temporary tattoos?

“People are always wearing flags, scarves etc to support there favorite sports and events. Temorary tattoos are something people can apply at home, don't have to carry etc . so I thought they are the ideal accessory”.

Sounds nice! We’re very happy to have Lydia Leith tattoos in our webshop!

“On another personal tangent, there is a famous song "Lydia the tattooed lady", by Groucho Marx (Kermit the Frog depending on your age) I used to have this sung to me as a child, so modeling my designs seemed very fitting.”

Thank you very much "Lydia the tattooed lady" Leith for sharing this with us!

Lydia Leith the tattooed lady

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