Teeth FX by Christien Tinsley

  Date: Wednesday 23 December, 2015

Teeth FX by Tinsley Transfers

If you’ve ever dressed up as Dracula for Carnaval or Halloween, you feel our pain when we say that most vampire teeth are pretty shoddy in quality. The plastic is too hard, they don't fit well, and after a while, they’re so uncomfortable you’d rather spit them out.

"Teeth FX", the new revolutionary dental prosthetics created by make-up artist Christien Tinsley, are easy to use and look incredibly real! In fact, Tinsley's work is of such high quality that he was awarded the "Academy Award for Technical Achievement".

The prosthetics come in various models. Apart from vampire teeth, there are also (amongst others) monster teeth, zombie teeth and vermin teeth to choose from :

Various models Teeth FX

The great part is you can mold the dental prosthetics to take on the shape of your own teeth. You can read instructions on how to use the Teeth FX here or watch this video of Christien Tinsley himself explaining how they work

Of course, once the dental prosthetic is ready, you can add finishing touches like make-up, fake blood, or 3D FX Transfers. Be creative and use your imagination!

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