Tattoonie, Premium Tattoos from Spain

  Date: Tuesday 03 December, 2013
Tattoonie Premium Temporary Tattoos

We love Spain and to be honest, we are tired of the negative economic news we get from Spain every day. That is just one of the reasons we like the Tattoonie story: they are so positive!

Enric Alepuz, Tristan Esparza & Paula Duart, three young friends from Valencia with a hang to eighties nostalgia remembered the terrible stick-on tattoos that you got with a bag of crisps or a stick of gum... and how cool it felt to wear these tattoos.

Tattoonie Tag-It Temporary Tattoos

The Tattoonie team wanted to relive the fun of transforming themselves into kings, feeling empowered in a childish way with colorful temporary prints.

And so the new temporary tattoo era began: Tattoonie wanted to change the tattoo rules!!!

Tattoonie Veranito Temporary Tattoos

Tattoonie Ballet Temporary Tattoos

Tattoonie Liopardo Temporary Tattoos

Tattoonies are Europe's answer to the Brooklyn (US) based Tattly Designy Temporary tattoos. Tattoonie brings unique limited edition temporary tattoos with a fun artistic style everyone, young and old, will love.

Don't miss the Tattoonie website or take a look at the TattooForAWeeks Tattoonie category.

We are very happy to offer the Tattoonie tattoos to our customers!

Tattoonie Temporary Tattoos

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