Ta-Ta-Toos: grab the attention with your boobs!

  Date: Thursday 09 February, 2012
Ta.ta.toos temporary tattoo Happy Birthday

Looking for an original way to surprise your lover? Order a kinky or funny temporary tattoo and put the message on the most beautiful place: your bosom. Say it with your boobs and you know their biggest fan will listen!

Ta.ta.toos temporary tattoo Bite Me

Naughty girls can opt for temporary tattoo inscriptions like 'kiss me', 'bite me' or 'spank me' on our Ta-Ta-Toos category . May their tattoo make all their wishes come true. But you can also pick out 'Happy Birthday' or 'Let's Celebrate'. Anyway, the message always look better on two breasts than on a postcard.

Ta.ta.toos temporary tattoo Lucky You

What do you mean, we can only celebrate Sweet Valentine once a year? With this temporary tattoo you’re in for a full week of romance and sultry nights.

Ta.ta.toos temporary tattoo Hot & Spicy

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