Skyn Demure: Temporary Ink, because fashion isn't permanent.

  Date: Tuesday 09 October, 2012
Great news for all the ladies out there who want to get tatted up. We’ve just signed an exclusive contract for online sales in Europe with tattoo artist Tami Zold. While the ink on that paper is drying, we are spreading her temporary ink all over Europa.

Skyn Demure sexy temporary tattoos

All the designs of her company Skyn Demure are hand drawn with exquisite detail, which gives them a very authentic look. We had a talk with the creative mastermind behind all these lovely tattoos.

Real experience, no regrets

Tammi Zold, inspiring tattoo artist  at Skyn Demure

Tami Zold: "The great thing about this form of body art is that you can experience what if feels to have a real tattoo, without the regret of it being permanent. I also give people a chance to try it out. It helps them to make the right decision about the type, size and body part for their permanent ink. My inspiration always comes from real tattoos. I keep a special eye out for girls between the ages of 16 to 40. I look at what they like to wear and then I mix those ideas up into new designs. "

Skyn Demure Temporary Tattoos, because fashion isn't permanent!

Great look and feel

Tami Zold: "Women love the detailed work on our temporary tattoos. They look so real that almost nobody can spot the difference. And they are stress free, because you’re not stuck with them for the rest of your life. After a few days, you can just remove them again, change your style and create a different look. We have a whole range from full tattoo sleeves, bold black designs to pretty anklets and wrist tattoos.”

Skyn Demure female fashion tattoos

Add some spice

Tami Zold: "For girls who want to add a little spice to their night, I would recommend to go with the "White garter" because they look absolutely adorable. Unlike real garters, they also stay on the skin. Another real sexy treat is our 'Dress to kill’, most girls like to put the gun under the black lace. My personal favorites are the angel wings called 'Sinner Saint'.”

Curious about the other Tami Zold tattoo designs? You can find them all in our Skyn Demure category.

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