Skin advertising is ‘HOT'.

  Date: Monday 25 February, 2013
The body is a gigantic marketing tool!

Most recent hit is a Japanese skin advertising marketing company called “Absolute Territory PR” that rents the legs of young and beautiful Japanse women to advertise for their customers. Japanse women put temporary tattoos with company logo’s on their legs and get paid for it!

Skin advertising on Japanese Girls legs

The young women only get paid after they have posted pictures of themselves on social media pages like Facebook and Pinterest. That way the company logo's are shown to as many people as possible. You can imagine that the combination of the advertisement tattoos and the short skirts get lot's of attention and are 'shared' very easily on social media.

Since November 2012 more than 13.000 young women have registered their legs as advertisement billboards. Condition is that the women are over 18 and are connected to at least 20 people through social media. The women are paid 1.000 to 10.000 yen (8 tot 80£) per day. Companies in Tokio are queuing to pick up on this new trend to advertise their logo's.

Logo temporary tattoos skin advertising

"Skinvertisement" started about ten years ago. Since then there are thousands of human billboards all around. Also in sports corporate advertising temporary tattoos are placed on very notable places like the forehead.

Inspired? Feel like skin advertising?

Just order your logo custom temporary tattoos and you are ready to roll out your skin advertising campagne. Good Luck!

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