Refined and mysterious: Strepik tattoos

  Date: Friday 14 March, 2014
Looking for a subtle eye catcher? Then Strepik is definitely ‘your thing’. Thanks to their simple appearance these temporary tattoos are refined, pure and tasteful. They also have a philosophical character. Ideal for dreamers, or thinkers. In any case: Strepik tattoos are only for people with depth!

Strepik Feather temporary tattoo

Intrigue others with your soft nature and choose the beautiful feather. Because this fits best with how you really are: mysterious yet mild. Strepik has the best of two worlds. Just like you!

Strepik Owl temporary tattoo

Do you also think twice before you say something? Do you enjoy a good conversation? Strepik's owl indicates you have a solid brain on your shoulders! Unite with all other smart boys and girls and choose for the symbol of wisdom. The future is yours!

Strepik 'Let Your Past Make You Better Not Bitter' temporary tattoo

Strepik is a young company from Michigan in the US. They offer a quirky assortment of temporary tattoos. Simplicity is central to their designs. No bright fluorescent colors or overheated designs, just pure finesse. A statement that stands as a house.

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