Neck tattoos, steal the show without getting out of your clothes

  Date: Wednesday 12 June, 2019
Tinsley Transfers launches the umpteenth innovation in the temporary tattoo world: the neck temporary tattoo.

With different themed designs you can come up with a chic, cool or elegant look with the neck tattoos.

Very feminine, sexy neck temporary tattoo

Neck tats are ideal to steal the show wherever you go. You don't have to get out of the clothes to emphasize the cool or sexy look.

As one of the two main distributors of Tinsley Transfers in Europe, we are very proud to present these innovative neck tattoos. Tinsley Transfers guarantees tattoos that look very real. Tinsley is the main supplier of temporary tattoos for Holywood. If you see a tattoo in a movie, it is more than likely made by Tinsley Transfers. They look so real that everyone immediately believes that your tattoos are real. And all designs are refined and fantastic designed.

Tough neck temporary tattoo in gangster style

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