Impress everyone with Temporary Holographic Tattoos!

  Date: Tuesday 24 November, 2015
TattooForAWeek picks up another new trend!

As of today you can find the holographic temporary tattoos by Tattoonie on our website. These are shining tattoos with a rainbow iridescent effect. They are even more of an eye-catcher than the other temporary tattoos, especially when the light hits the tattoo under the right angle. Perfect for upcoming end of year celebrations!

This collection has something for everyone. More feminine tattoos, such as a butterfly tattoo, a meteor shower or a unicorn.

Bling Bling Holographic Tattoo

Feminine Holographic Tattoos

A number of astrologic tattoos, such as a thunderbolt, a planet, a moon and an alien.

Moon Holographic Tattoo

Astrologic Holographic Tattoos

And some tattoos that are perfect to wear to a party.

Holographic Party Tattoos

Party Holographic Tattoos

Discover the complete holographic sticky tattoo collection here.

The tattoos are priced competitively , so you can shop until you drop! Have fun!

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