Get a mustache for your finger: the Fingerstache.

  Date: Tuesday 04 October, 2011
Looking for a temporary tattoo with a funny surprise element? Always wanted a mustache but not a big fan of facial hair? Then maybe you can get one of our brand new mustache tattoos! Not to be placed on your upper lip, but on your index finger.

Woman with finger stache temporary tattoo

The finger mustache tattoo, otherwise known as the ‘Fingerstache’ is especially used at parties. The joke is to place the tattooed finger between the nose and the lips , simulating a mustache.

The finger mustaches were first spotted in Columbus, Ohio, where a local tattoo artist with a great sense of humor launched the concept.

Pictures of the finger mustaches spread the internet like a virus and today, the fingerstache phenomenon is bigger than any mustache can ever grow.

Pictures of people and animals with a Fingerstache appear all over the internet

Would you like to make your next party more fun? Then get your favorite mustache here!

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