Everything for the Real Henna Tattoo!

  Date: Monday 20 October, 2014
TattooForAWeek is expanding its product range! This time no temporary tattoos, but all kinds of products that you yourself can start to create a beautiful henna tattoo.

Is it your first time? Then the starter kit is a good start. This pink kit contains henna powder, henna cones, henna paste, 3 henna stencils, henna oil and cotton wool. All this comes in a very pretty pink bag. The white kit is also highly recommended: it contains henna cones, henna paste, 3 henna stencils, henna oil and cotton wool (so there is no henna powder in this kit).

Ganesha henna starter kits

The henna paste and the henna oil are also available separately so you will never run out. If you are looking for a bigger challenge where henna stencils are concerned, these are also available separately.

Henna stencils

Would you like to have an idea of what it may look like after a little practice? Then check out these henna works of art:

Henna hand tattoos

Henna tattoo artworks

Beautiful henna tattoo on a pregnant woman

The henna powder (to give your hair a beautiful red colour) is also available separately. So you can also have such a warm hair colour soon and that without chemicals!

Henna red hair with henna powder

All henna products can be ordered here! Have fun with them!

Temporary henna tattoos

Do you like this style, but you don’t have the inclination or time to start with the henna products yourself? No problem! TattooForAWeek has a very extensive range of temporary tattoos in henna style just for you! Both in black and in colour, so something for everyone.

Temporary tattoos in henna style

You can order these temporary henna tattoos here. Now wait and see if anyone notices that it is not a real henna tattoo!

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