Dubai's new trend: 24-carat Gold Temporary Tattoos.

  Date: Tuesday 30 November, 2010

Dubai 24-carat Gold Temporary Tattoos.

Precious Skin, a business in Dubai, introduces the latest accessory trend for the fashion-conscious rich people : a temporary tattoo made of pure, 24-carat gold or platinum.

The starting price for the temporary skin art is $50, but it can go up to a dazzling $5.500!

Dubai 24-carat gold temporary tattoos

“It’s like jewelery for the body, but it’s also fun,” says Arnaud Flambeau, managing director of Precious Skin. “The tattoo is like a second skin and very comfortable to wear. They are ideal for weddings, parties or special occasions.”

The idea originated from Japanese designer Nobuhiko Akatsuka in 2006. A thin film of gold or platinum is used to make the temporary tattoo which is then applied to the skin.

Precious Skin plans to open their temporary golden tattoo outlets trough out the entire Middle East. It is likely this will become a worldwide trend for the rich and the famous.

The tattoos can last for up to a week.

Christian Dior 24-Carat Gold Tattoos.

More recent, luxury brand Christian Dior debuted a new line of 24-carat gold temporary tattoos. The collection, created by jewelry designer camille Miceli, includes bracelets, cuffs, earrings, necklaces and other body jewelry.

Christian Dior 24-carat gold temporary tattoos applied

The Dior Grand Ball Golden Tattoos retail for $120 and are made using 24-carat gold leafing. It is a very limited edition collection, so it is far from sure that you will be able to get your hands on these jewel-like beauties.

Christian Dior 24-carat gold temporary tattoo set

Jewelry was yesterday, now the gold comes directly to the skin!

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