Create your own tattoos with temporary tattoo spray.

  Date: Friday 12 February, 2016
Would you like to start creatively with temporary tattoos? In that case, our temporary tattoo sprays are just the thing for you! You can create the most beautiful temporary tattoos together with the tattoo stencils in a few minutes. The sprays come in different colours, including gold and silver. The stencils also cater to every taste: stars, floral patterns, a scorpion, cherries... Whatever you want!

Temporary Tattoo Spray

You can order the sprays separately or in blister packs containing three tattoo stencils. If you want more variation then please choose your favourite stencils from our range.
Due to the protective plastic cover, these self-adhesive stencils are perfect to use with the tattoo sprays.

As you can see, the sprays ensure a nice, even colour. Before you start, please refer to the instruction manual. In this way you are guaranteed a beautiful result in a safe way. Or watch our instruction video:

The temporary tattoos stay on for three days. They are waterproof and anti-allergenic. You can get a tattoo spray for a mere £7.89 and a stencil for £1.59. The blister packs, whereby you immediately get three stencils, you can get from a mere £12.99.

Have fun with your self-made temporary tattoos!

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Make a custom temporary tattoo of your logo or design!