Bindis, Body Gems and Body Jewel Stickers!

  Date: Friday 18 July, 2014

Did you know that TattooForAWeek is not just limited to temporary tattoos? Absolutely not! Check out our trendy new range of Bindi’s, Body Gems and Body Jewel Stickers. These are fully self-adhesive and reusable stickers that you can apply anywhere on your body!


You have probably already seen the bindis that Hindu women wear on their foreheads for protection. The word 'bindi' simply means dots or drop in Sanskrit. They give you an instant oriental and mysterious look, especially when combined with heavily made up eyes. So let yourself go with that eyeliner! Bindis are available in various bright colors or in stylish silver.

Bindi examples

Body Gems’ can also be used as bindis, but they are actually also suitable for the whole face (how about a unique beauty-spot?), the whole body, and even your nails. All Body Gems at TattooForAWeek are made of Austrian stellex crystals. The full range can be found here.

 Body Gems examples

Would you really like to go for it in a big way? If so, the ‘Body Jewel Stickers’ will be just up your street! You can apply them anywhere on your whole body: on the shoulder, around your navel, or even in your cleavage. And if it’s instant glamour that you’re after, then choose from the sexy range of 'Crystal Skin Appliqués’, with authentic Swarovski crystals. Do you love all things colorful and feminine? Then you will certainly find something to your taste here.

 Examples of Body Jewel Stickers

How do you apply them? Simply follow the easy instructions on TattooForAWeek. After just a few seconds, you will be able to show off your trendy Bindi, Body Gem or Body Jewel Sticker to your friends!

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