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  Date: Thursday 17 October, 2013
Are you ready to create magnificent tattoo designs using the 12 colorful Stargazer semi-permanent tattoo pens?

Live your artistic talents by creating the most amazing tattoo designs with these temporary tattoo pens. Use the semi-permanent tattoo pens for all your body painting, photoshoots, theatrical and all other stage work.

Use Stargazer Semi-Permanent Tattoo Pens for all body painting, photoshoots, theatrical work.

The tattoo pens have a fantastic thin tip that allows you to work finer on detail work and smaller skin areas. You will get perfect smooth lines when drawing on your cast member’s arms and faces.

12 Colors High Quality Tattoo Pens.

For the less artistically talented we have the tattoo stencils . You want a dragon tattoo, an oriental design or a very cool star? No problem, apply the reusable tattoo stencils, then draw the outline of your design with the tip of the pen and start coloring the temporary tattoo design. Please remember to allow the ink to dry thoroughly between different colors!

Use tattoo stencils in combination with the temporary tattoo pens.

The tattoo designs can be easily taken off with makeup remover, the Stargazer correction pen or can be washed off easily with water and soap. You can also use the correction pen to make small and precise corrections.
Use Stargazer correction pen to make small and precise corrections to your tattoo pen creations.

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