3D FX Transfers by Christien Tinsley

  Date: Tuesday 24 March, 2015
A few months ago on TattooForAWeek's blog, we featured a success story on Christien Tinsley, a famous make-up and special effects artist based in Hollywood.

Tinsley Transfers 3d FX applied

Since it took too long on certain films to redo an actor's make-up every day on set, he came up with "Tinsley Transfers", temporary tattoos that look every bit as real.

Later he went one step further and created the 3D transfers, temporary tattoos with relief, for a more realistic effect.

TattooForAWeek, which was chosen by Tinsley Transfers as one of two distributors for the European market, has recently expanded its assortment of 3D transfers.

3D FX Tinsley Transfers Display

Apart from the Devil's Horns and Star of David, you can now find an entire collection of new 3D FX transfers in the webshop! What do you think of these?

Swollen lips

3D FX Tinsley Transfers Lips


3D FX Tinsley Transfers Squirm


3D FX Tinsley Transfers Zipper Face

Applying the 3D transfers is very easy. You simply follow the 5 steps on the back side of the packaging. You only need water, a sponge, and scissors. Still not entirely sure? Then, check out the instruction videos below and see the master at work! Good luck with it!

Order your 3D FX transfers here!

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