Wholesale temporary tattoos TattooForAWeek

Wholesale Temporary Tattoos TattooForAWeek

Do you have a store or webshop where you would like to sell TattooForAWeek temporary tattoos? Great, you are very welcome!

Temporary tattoo wholesale ordering is very easy at TattooForAWeek: just place your order online, done!

- You don't need to fill out any wholesale forms or go trough a time-consuming wholesale selection / approval procedure.
- There is no minimum order.
- We deliver wholesale orders worldwide.

TattooForAWeek is the largest temporary tattoo shop in the world.

We are looking forward to do business with you!

Please note:
We do not have a printed catalog, PDF catalog or pricelist. Our offer simply changes to fast to make a catalog. All products are online in well organised categories (sorted best sellers first) and you can browse our website using the powerful search bar.

Wholesale Quantity Discounts

These quantity discounts will be calculated automatically at checkout on our website:

- From £20 / 20€ / 20$ : Free shipping
- From £25 / 25€ / 40$ : 10% discount *
- From £50 / 50€ / 75$ : 20% discount *
- From £100 / 100€ / 150$ : 30% discount *
- From £250 / 250€ / 350$ : 40% discount *
- From £500 / 500€ / 750$ : 50% discount *

* These discounts do not apply to Tattoonie, Violent Lips, Violent Eyes, Fingerstache, Tattoo Spray, Tattoo Paper, 3D FX Transfers, Teeth FX, celebrity tattoo sets and custom tattoos.

Do We Have The Quantity You Want In Stock?

Our website inventory is always up to date. In other words: if you can order it, then we have the item in stock.

You will get a message in the "Shopping Cart" if you try to order a quantity that is larger than the stock we have for this product.

If you need to order more tattoos then we have in stock, please contact us, we will be happy to help you.

How About VAT On Wholesale Orders?

Whether or not you have to pay VAT depends on your location:

- If you order from Belgium, then you have to pay 21% VAT (don't forget to add your VAT number as a comment to your order, we need this to make your invoice).

- If you order from a European Community Country then you have to pay 21% VAT. However, if you have a valid European VAT number, you do not have to pay VAT.
--> please add your VAT number as a comment to your order. We will refund the VAT after we have checked your VAT number.

- If you order from outside the European Community: you do not need to pay VAT.
--> On our website all prices are VAT inclusive by default. If you order from outside the EU, you need to log in (we need your country) to see the prices without VAT. If you first have choosen the products and then log in, the prices will change to prices without VAT automatically at checkout.

Custom Temporary Tattoos

For more info on custom made temporary tattoos, click here!


Make a custom temporary tattoo of your logo or design!