Instructions Temporary Tattoos

How to apply a temporary tattoo?

1. Wash, shave and dry the skin. Only apply to not-hairy skin. The tattoo will stay longer on a clean, dry skin.

2. Remove the plastic film

For navel tattoos: make a hole in the middle of the tattoo paper so later on you can easily see where the belly button is.

3. Place the temporary tattoo on the skin (drawing on the skin).

4. Wet the tattoo with a damp cloth for at least 30 seconds.

5. Carefully lift a corner of the tattoo to check the tattoo is separating from the paper. If it does not: more wetting

If the tattoo has some fine components it may happen the tattoo does not release the paper. In that case you should set aside the temporary tattoo before lifting it.

6. Remove the tattoo paper. Remove the excess glue with warm water.

7. Let the tattoo dry..

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How to remove a temporary tattoo?

The most easy way to remove a temporary tattoo is to use a Limisan temporary tattoo remover.

You can also remove the tattoo with alcohol or any oil. So be careful with the use of sunscreen, skin cream, soaps and shower gel!


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