A Temporary Tattoo Shop at Your Event

Want a temporary tattoo parlor at your event?

Looking to add a new dimension of fun to your event? Then temporary tattoos are definitely the ticket! People like nothing more than crawling into the skin of someone else. Whether your guests shudder deliciously or you transform them into glamour queens, one thing is certain, temporary tattoos always provide extra fun!

The ice is quickly broken with temporary tattoos. Let the party begin!

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Obviously, all partners work only with Nep tattoos and/or 3D FX Tattoos of excellent quality from TattooForAWeek.

Which temporary tattoo parlor can you contact in your area?

1. BELLE EFFECTS (Belgium and Netherlands)

A Belle Effects Temporary Tattoo Parlor at Your Event

Belle Effects supplies special makeup effects to the film and entertainment industry.

At the end of 2016 BelleFX are starting two new initiatives: a personal life casting studio and temporary transfer parlor for events.

Do you have a birthday or a wedding planned? A convention or perhaps a corporate event?
Belle Effects will provide a new dimension to your event by providing your own temporary tattoo parlor.

This includes everything from the design of the stand to supplying the staff, as well as customized tattoos. They will do it all for you.

Belle Effects can be booked for all events in Belgium and the Netherlands.

More information can be found on their website.

Interested parties can contact us at info@bellefx.eu or at 0032(0)489.93.62.09.


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