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Delivery in Europe 2-6 working days, Delivery in the rest of the world 5-8 working days

Frequently Asked Questions Custom Temporary Tattoos (FAQs)

What is the delivery time for my custom temporary tattoos?

Delivery time is 3 weeks after payment + acceptance of Prood PDF (making proof PDF takes 1 to 2 business days).

It is not possible to deliver the tattoos faster than 3 weeks after Payment + acceptance of Proof, so please don't send us mails to ask us to do this faster.

What are the minimum / maximum custom temporary tattoo quantities I can purchase?

Minimum custom tattoo order is 1000 tattoos per design.
There is no maximum. We can handle any quantity.

Can I get a sample of my custom tattoo in advance?

No, we do not send samples of your tattoo.
All your tattoos will be printed in one run, so it is not possible to send you a sample of the ordered tattoo in advance.
But we will send you a PDF so that you can see what the front and back of your custom tattoo will look like when printed.

How much do custom temporary tattoos cost?

Here are the prices for the most common custom temporary tattoo sizes and quantities purchased. If you want the price for other sizes or quantities, please contact us.

Pricing Custom Temporary Tattoos

Prices include free shipping within Europa. For shipment out of Europe, please contact us.

Prices are exclusive 21% VAT.

No VAT will be charged on custom tattoo orders for customers:
- outside the European Union
- European Companies with a valid European VAT number.

Please note: your country may charge import taxes. These taxes are not included in our prices.

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