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We love bloggers and YouTubers!


Temporary tattoos are hot, sexy and cool. Everyone has his / her own reason for loving this versatile, new accessory. We would like as many as possible people to get to know our temporary tattoos. is the world’s largest webshop for temporary tattoos.


We love  blogs, Youtubers and shop testing.


We welcome "Shop Tests" (shop test / product test)


We are convinced of the quality of our temporary tattoos. We love receiving feedback from our clients, bloggers and YouTubers. Test our shop in any way that you can think of, we love it!


How it works:


1. Order the temporary tattoos that you would like to test.


2. As soon as your article or video is complete, mail us the link to your article or video. Make sure that there is a link to in your article or in the description of your video. Also included your order number in this mail.


3. As soon as we have received the link to your blog article or video we will refund your order (up to maximum 25€). You may write or discuss us truthfully. Even if your article or video relates to a less than positive experience with our products, we will still refund your order, this is a guarantee.


We love to help make your contest a success


If you would like to hold a contest on your blog or Youtube, we would like to make our products available to help ensure the success of your contest.


How it works:


1. Post your contest online on your blog or YouTube channel. Make it clear to your reader’s / viewers that they can win a voucher from Do not forget to post a link to in the article or in the description of your video.


2. Mail us the link to the contest (blog article or YouTube video).


3. As soon as we have received your email we will send you a voucher (valued 20€), which you can give to the winner of your contest.


We are also open to "Guest Blogging"


Are you a great writer and do you have the perfect blog post for our temporary tattoo blog ? Do not hesitate to contact us!


Do you have a creative blog idea and would you like to cooperate with us? Please email us. We are looking forward to your Blog suggestions!

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