Fashion and Jewelry Temporary Tattoos

Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Dereon, Betsey Johnson and Kat Von D. These are some of the big fashion names that created body art fashion and jewelry temporary tattoos recently.

The designers of our fashion and jewelry tattoos were inspired by these top fashion leaders.

We are pleased and proud to offer you these affordable temporary fashion and jewellery tattoos!

New Products For August

Gemstones  - Holographic Tattoonie
Gemstones - Holographic Tattoonie £1.99
Size: 1.5x2 Inch 4.5x5.5 cm
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Single Peony Rose Tattoo
Single Peony Rose Tattoo £2.69
Size: 3.5x4.5 Inch 9x11 cm
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Gold Spine Tattoos
Gold Spine Tattoos £2.59
Size: 2x10 Inch 5x25 cm
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Make a custom temporary tattoo of your logo or design!