Sexy Eyes Temporary Eye Tattoos

The Stargazer sexy eyes temporary eye tattoo is an easy to apply eye decoration tattoo transfer. The transfer lasts all day if it does not get in contact with oil. There are 6 fantastic eye catching Stargazer quality designs. You can cut the shape of the transfer to alter the look of the design.
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Lace Face Tattoo Kit
Lace Face Tattoo Kit £9.29
Size: 9x10 Inch 22x25 cm
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Green Sexy Eyes
Green Sexy Eyes £3.99
Size: 6x2.5 Inch 15x6 cm
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Glitter Eye Tribal - Tattoonie
Glitter Eye Tribal - Tattoonie £1.99
Size: 1.5x2 Inch 4x5 cm
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