Neon Face & Body Paint Stargazer 10ml - Purple

Products model: GH/K13-L8-R1-K2
Neon Face & Body Paint Stargazer 10ml - Purple
Neon Face & Body Paint Stargazer 10ml - Purple
Neon Gesicht- & Körperbemalung Stargazer 10ml - Lila
Peinture Corporelle & Visage Neon Stargazer 10ml - Violet
Neon Gezicht- & Body Paint Stargazer 10ml - Paars
Pintura De Neón Para Rostro y Cuerpo Stargazer 10ml - Púrpura
Neon Pittura Viso & Corpo Stargazer 10ml - Viola
Cara Neon e Tinta para o Corpo Stargazer 10 ml - Roxo
Bright purple face and body paint to be used for special effects, which also glow under UV light or blacklight. Using a fine brush you can decorate your face or body with anything your heart desires. Perfect for Neon parties, Raves, Night Clubbing, Festivals and anywhere you want the brightest colour. The colours have fantastic coverage with rich colour finishes.

The purple paint washes off easily with water and soap.

* Please note that this is Face & Body Paint and NOT a temporary transfer tattoo (like the other temporary tattoos on our website)!
(VAT incl.)
Temporary tattoos are not shown in actual size.


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