Montattoo N° 15 - Gold Collection

Products model: OA/F32-9
Montattoo N° 15 - Gold Collection
Montattoo N° 15 - Gold Collection
Montattoo N° 15 - Gold Kollektion
Montattoo N° 15 - Collection Or
Montattoo N° 15 - Gouden Collectie
Montattoo N° 15 - Gold Collection, a fine collection of premium golden temporary tattoos.

This glamorous collection consists of golden, silver and black temporary tattoo’s. They are the perfect accessory for summer and its amazing festivals and parties.

This tattoo set includes pineapples, arm bracelets, a palmtree, arrows, finger tattoo’s, diamonds, hearts, little helicopters, anchors and compasses.

Did you know that the golden collection looks great on your tanned skin?
Size: 6x8 Inch 15x20.5 cm
£7.79 £5.46
(VAT incl.)
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Montattoo Gold Collection videos

Montattoo Gold Collection behind the scenes video.

Montattoo Gold Collection video


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