Montattoo N° 11 - Dries V. Collection

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Montattoo N° 11 - Dries V. Collection
Montattoo N° 11 - Dries V. Collection
Montattoo N° 11 - Dries V. Kollektion
Montattoo N° 11 - Collection Dries V.
Montattoo N° 11 - Dries V. Collectie
Montattoo N° 11 - Dries V. Colección
Montattoo N° 11 - Collezione Dries V.
Montattoo Nº 11 - Coleção Dries V.
Montattoo N° 11 - Dries V. Collection, a fine collection of premium temporary tattoos.

The temporary tattoo collection of artist Dries V. is for badasses only. The tattoo’s are perfect for a Bonnie- and Clyde couple, a roadtrip on your Harley Davidson or a crazy night out with friends.

This tattoo set includes a body of the snake skeleton, underwear, an octopus and a play card.

Did you know that the snake skeleton can be tattooed separately or together?
Size: 6x8 Inch 15x20.5 cm
(VAT incl.)
Temporary tattoos are not shown in actual size.

Montattoo Dries V. Collection video


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