Bobby Pins Tattoo (2 Tattoos)

Products model: TB/K4-L4-R4-K2
Bobby Pins Tattoo (2 Tattoos)
Bobby Pins Tattoo (2 Tattoos)
Haarklemme Tattoo (2 Tattoos)
Epingles à Cheveux Tattoo (2 Tatouages)
Haarspelden Tattoo (2 Tattoos)
Horquillas Tatuaje (2 Tatuajes)
Tatuaggio Forcine (2 Tatuaggi)
Tatuagem Grampos De Cabelo (2 Tatuagens)
2 Bobby pins temporary tattoo.

Always feel like you can't find a single bobby pin? Well now you don't have to worry about losing your bobby pins since this temporary tattoo lasts up to a week! Perfect for a simple design for all occasions.
Size: 1.5x3 Inch 4x7.5 cm
(VAT incl.)
Temporary tattoos are not shown in actual size.


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