Big Gems - Blue And Pearls

Products model: QF/F33-14
Big Gems - Blue And Pearls
Big Gems - Blue And Pearls
Großer Edelsteine - Blau und Perlen
Grandes Gemmes - Bleu Et Perles
Grote Edelstenen - Blauw En Parels
Grandes Gemas - Azul y Perlas
Grandi Gemme - Blu E Perle
Grandes Pedras Preciosas - Azul e Pérola
More than 80 multicolor big self adhesive body gems with lots of big blues and pearls (body crystals).

* Please note that these are adhesive Body Gems (body crystals, body jewels) and NOT temporary transfer tattoos (like the other temporary tattoos on our website)!
Size: 3.5x5 Inch 13.5x9 cm
(VAT incl.)
Temporary tattoos are not shown in actual size.


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