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Tattoos for a hot summer

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Hot town, summer in the city! It’s going to be summer again soon: basking in sun, sea and sand. In the meantime, the real fashionistas have managed to score perfect summer outfits (read: the lighter the better), with matching accessories, of course. As a finishing touch, more and more people are going for (temporary) tattoos. Not surprising as summer is the perfect season for it. A strategically placed tattoo can completely make your outfit (or lack thereof). These tattoos draw attention to your best features and reflect your personality, which is not always apparent in a bikini. Want to know more about the summer trends in (temporary) tattoos? Here are some of them!

Jewels against your skin

Let’s begin with (by far) the most popular temporary tattoos of the moment: gold and silver tattoos. We previously wrote a blog post about FLASH tattoos, but more and more players in the temporary tattoo market have picked up on this trend. Gold and silver tattoos are therefore perfect to highlight your bronzed skin properly. Moreover, they don’t interfere with swimming, which might be the case with real jewelry. There are dozens of different designs available, so you’ll always find a design that goes with your beach outfit! Below are some tattoos that have been available in the FLASH tattoo-range for quite a while, and are still extremely appealing:

flash temporary tattoos - www.tattooforaweek.com hennalike silver tattoo

What do you think of this 'Golden dream-catcher tattoo’ or the ‘Golden joy tattoo’?

Gold dreamcatcher tattoo - www.tattooforaweek.com Golden joy tattoo - www.tattooforaweek.com

Or what about these beautiful temporary tattoos that go around your arms or legs?

gold chain tattoos - www.tattooforaweek.com

You can also place them vertically on your back for a special and rather elegant effect:

chain flash tattoos - www.tattooforaweek.com

Another advantage of these tattoos is that they look so lavish. Thinking of crashing a beach party in Saint-Tropez? You certainly won’t be out of place!Like this trend? You can find the entire collection of gold and silver tattoos here. As always, the tattoos are completely safe, easy to apply, and extremely well priced!

Watercolor Tattoos

water color tattoos - www.tattooforaweek.com

Another exciting trend is the range of watercolor tattoos. Because of the vibrant colors, these tattoos are especially popular in summer. They may be temporary, but many of the watercolor tattoos are certainly real tattoos, which are inked in the conventional way and (almost) endure as long as traditional tattoos. They do require a little more maintenance though: the soft colors fade slightly faster than black ink.Typical of the watercolor tattoos are the soft colors applied in splashes and smudges. The outline of the design is faded and they have no real pattern. Just like watercolor paint or a watercolor painting. Here are some examples:

water color tattoos 2 - www.tattooforaweek.com water color tattoos 4 - www.tattooforaweek.com water color tattoos 3 - www.tattooforaweek.com water color tattoos 5 - www.tattooforaweek.com

But make no mistake! Both the temporary as well as permanent watercolor tattoos will make you look like an expert tattoo artist. The designs may not be clearly etched, but do require quite a lot of expertise to apply. Take a look at how this tattoo artist does it.

Interested in a temporary watercolor tattoo? Check out our collection of watercolor tattoos here.


Have you heard of tantoos? No? Tantoos, or suntan tattoos, are totally hip this summer! Do you find it rather annoying when your watchband, rings or bikini leave a suntan mark burned on your skin? Probably, but what if you use that to your advantage? Use the sun to create your own temporary tattoo! Stick the design of your choice on your skin while sunbathing and enjoy your hip tantoo the next day!

TattooForAWeek offers different designs that you can ‘mold’ to your body, these for example:

tantooscollage - www.tattooforaweek.comOf course you can also try other ways (although it sometimes seems a little less convenient ;-):

tantoos 5 - www.tattooforaweek.com tantoos 6 - www.tattooforaweek.com tantoos 7 - www.tattooforaweek.com

Have a great summer!

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