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Ten Best Tattoos of Amy Winehouse

Thursday, December 27th, 2018
Ten Best Tattoos of Amy Winehouse

Best tattoos of Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse was a very successful singer and songwriter who had a short career, but at the same time intense and rewarding. She won five Grammy awards for her 2006 album Back to Black, which brought her a record as a female vocalist.

She lived for 27 intense years, with alcohol and drug addictions, fears and emotions expressed through her songs and through the tattoos on her body.

Her fans and the people who loved her knew about her tattoos and how much they meant for her, so we made a list with her best and most loved ten tattoos, in Amy’s memory.

1.    “Hello Sailor” anchor

Hello Sailor Tattoo  Amy Winehouse

One classical tattoo that Any has on her belly is a quite large anchor with a rope and the words “Hello Sailor” above and below it. The anchor is a very popular tattoo, being very common for sailors who wanted to show their love of the sea but at the same time the desire to return home. The “Hello sailor!” in Amy’s tattoo shows maybe a flirtatious desire, sailors being known as powerful handsome men.

2.    Native American feather

Amy Winehouse Feather Tattoo

Another very popular tattoo in America, this simple eagle feather was the first tattoo Amy ever got, located on her left forearm. In the Native American culture, the feather is a symbol of bravery and protection.

3.    Twin hearts

Amy Winehouse twin hearts tattoo

Two small red hearts with black outlines in random positions on her right shoulder are thought to symbolize the love for her grandmother Cynthia, as they are placed exactly next to the tattoo dedicated to her.

4.    Daddy’s horseshoe

Amy Winehouse Daddy hosrseshoe tattoo

Having a very strong relationship with her father, who was also her manager, Amy tattooed the lucky symbol of the horse shoe on her left arm, along with “Daddy’s” written above it. Maybe this showed that she was her father’s luck charm.

Together with the Girl tattoo it expresses that she was Papa’s girl.

5.    Lightning bolt

Amy Winehouse lightning tattoo

As she considered it one of the most powerful natural disasters and found its power fascinating, Amy got a small lightning bolt tattoo on the inside of her right wrist.

6.    Nightingale

Amy Winehouse nightingale fake tattoo

A very representative tattoo for Amy Winehouse is a colorful nightingale that sings and has the words “Never clip my wings” written as a part of its design. Amy was a rebel, a tormented child who wouldn’t follow rules and her only refuge was music. Through this nightingale and the message associated with the tattoo, Amy showed her idea of freedom through music.

7.    Blake’s pocket

Amy Winehouses Blakes tattoo

Blake was Amy’s husband and she got this tattoo of a pocket and his name above it when they were at the peak of their relationship. Unfortunately their marriage failed and she got the tattoo removed.

8.    Naked girl

Amy Winehouse naked girl tattoo

Amy had a tattoo of a beautiful girl’s torso with naked breasts on her left upper arm. She got the tattoo as an expression of femininity, but it ended up being censored at the Grammy awards ceremony, when Amy was asked to cover it. She decided to draw bra straps on it as a solution.

Together with the Daddy’s tattoo, this tattoo expresses that Amy was papa’s girl.

9.    Cynthia

Amy Winehouwe Cynthia (grand mother) tattoo

On her right arm Amy had a tattoo of a girl in the pinup style, a young beautiful woman who was her grandmother as a teenager. Her name, “Cynthia” was written next to the tattoo.

10.    Girl with fan

Amy Winehouse girl with fan tattoo

The singer was clearly passionate about ideals of women beauty, as she had many tattoos of beautiful women on her body. On her right arm, below the Cynthia tattoo, Amy also got at some point a naked girl covered by a colorful fan.

These were just a few of Amy Winehouse’s tattoos, to get you inspired if you feel like getting a new tattoo and to remind you of her powerful voice and passionate music please check our full collection here.

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