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Halloween with Tinsley Transfers


Halloween is fast approaching! It is the time of the year that I love as a makeup artist and horror fan.

I like to see that all the monsters are out! If you do not know how to apply makeup or slightly do, don’t worry, the temporary tattoo is there to help you. With the help of tattooing, you can have a mind-blowing disguise in the blink of an eye.

On Tattoo for a week , you can find a great number of tattoos that perfectly matches the disguise that you have chosen.

In this article I will tell you more about the In this article I will tell you more about the Tinsley Transfers brand of which I have been a fan for many years. I had the opportunity to test many of their products and I have never been disappointed.

DSCN5955 Trauma Serie Diseased

Christien Tinsley, famous film and TV make-up artist created the brand several years ago to offer the general public with quality tattoo / disguise products. Over time, the range has expanded with 3D Transfers and false teeth to create more real-life monsters.

For Halloween, we find a wide variety like Gorywood tattoo boards that include a whole range of small tattoos on a specific theme. Then we find the range Trauma serie, they are bigger realistic tattoos and they exist in different themes as well.

Here, I made two makeup with the Trauma range, they represent the models ” Stapled and Stiched ” and ” Diseased ” .

DSCN6574 Trauma Serie Stapled and Stitched

dis3 Trauma Serie Diseased


They are very easy to put on and can be placed as you wish. In general, you will still need to add some makeup for a complete look but even with something minimalist like darkening the eyes or hollowing the cheeks, you will get a nice result.

Then we have my favorite range which is the 3D transfers ! In short, they are tattoos too, they are placed exactly like any tattoo but look like prostheses due to their 3D effect. You can find many tutorials on YouTube on how to put them on. I made a Frankenstein inspired makeup with the  ” Staplestein ” 3D tattoo to show you.

franken Tinsley 3D Staplestein

DSCN7376 Tinsley 3D Staplestein



To sum up Tinsley tattoos, the series altogether, are of excellent quality and really adds up if you want to disguise for Halloween!


DSCN6578 Trauma Serie Stapled And Stitched

* All makeup featured in this article was created by Jenni from the blog “Jenni dans tous ses états.” She is a self-taught artist who is passionate about artistic makeup and character-creation.

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Spring is here, and it’s time to show off your tattoos!



Spring has finally come these past few weeks now, and summer is right around the corner! This is the perfect time to get some new temporary tattoos.

With the nice weather, we no longer need to hide under heaps of clothing, and we can finally show off our tattoos.

Temporary tattoos have become trendier and trendier with time. You can wear them as a fashion accessory, like a piece of jewelry for your skin. Many people still haven’t splurged on a real tattoo, so the tattoos sold on the website are a great alternative for them.


You can change them whenever you want since they don’t cost much, so you can now match them to what you’re wearing or how you’re feeling! They’re also perfect to finish up a look to wear to a festival.


If you’re looking for a touch of uniqueness, you can even choose hair tattoos. They can replace a barrette or headband and give an original touch to your hairstyles full of sparkling color. They can be removed very easily by just running a fine-toothed comb through your hair!



Jewel tattoos also let you decorate your summer tan so you’ll be stunning on the beach this summer! They can be applied in just a few seconds, with gorgeous, long-lasting results.



On the website, you’ll find tattoos for any taste, from the most discreet styles to the colorful and impressive ones. Whether you like the foil or holographic trends, or even black and white styles, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for. All the tattoos available are high-quality, and some are even amazingly realistic.


To find the temporary tattoos used in this article, just click the pictures. You can also browse the Tattoo for a week website and find the perfect design!

*All makeup by Jenni from the blog Jenni dans tous ses états .


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15 Best Tattoos for Smaller Fonts

Tattoos! Tatoos! Tattoos! How many times did I mention the word tattoo? Huuhh…. It is surprising how millions of people have continued to seek for well written tattoos. A while back, having a tattoo was seen as being evil. But this is not the case anymore. Why? Because the creators are making them have not only have uniqueness but also style. And talking about style, we feature the tattoo fonts.

How about seeking for something, which is friendly and worth engraving onto your skin?  And by the way did you know that the letters used on any tattoo express what is going through someone’s mind? Yes. Thus isn’t it not important to give a careful consideration of the size of the fonts especially for smaller tattoos? Well, let’s examine how small they can or should be:

1. Behind the ear Tattoo

First things first! Unlike what many people are made to think that a tattoo behind the ear hurts, it does not. And again, it is most suited for a majority who fear having the needle go through ones skin.

Small tattoos behind the ear

2. Finger Tattoo

Is it realistic to have a tattoo on the finger? Ooooh Yes it is! And you know what? It is classic especially the White tattoo, which more often than not goes unnoticeable.  But remember you must be tolerant enough to endure the pain, which comes with it.

Small font tattoo on fingerq

3. Back of the neck tattoo

The back of your neck can accommodate both letters and to some extent drawings. But remember drawing could have a tones of details but with zero shading. And the hardest part is precise.

Font tattoo back of the neck

4. Hand Tattoo

The catch in having small tattoo is having them simple. And apparently, in as much as the finger tattoo are becoming very popular, not like the hand tattoo.

font tattoos on hands

5. Back Tattoo

Mmh…Lets all agree that a tattoo is meant to be seen. But you realize the back tattoo will not have the exposure unless one is naked. However, the magic in it is the intimacy and romantic feel it brings along.

Font tattoo on the back

6. Wrist Tattoo

We are talking about having accommodative wrist designs. And you know what, a lot of people will have matching tattoos, which are also becoming a favorite to many.

Wrist font tattoo

 7. Arm Tattoo

It is easily noticeable. And particularly among the celebrities. And apparently, having a tattoo for a celeb is like embracing an influencer.

Arm font tattoo

8. Ankle Tattoo

This is very visible..Huuh.. And it is equally tiny. On the other hand it is a common icon on women.

Ankle small font tattoos

9. A small mountain tattoo

What is the first thing we learn about mountains? Of course it is all about their resilience, majesty and the greatness in them. So would we be wrong to if we say this tattoo symbolizes a spirit of never giving up?Tattoo of a mountain

 10. Small pine tree tattoo

What crosses your mind when the word tree is mentioned? Is it not about life given that it brings seeds, which facilitate continued development? Meaning it would be right to associate a small pine tree tattoo with growth and experiences.

Small pine tree tattoo

11. Tattoo Lettering Quote

Hey….This is so trendy in the recent days and especially among men. Nonetheless, it can also be spotted on women’s bodies. And you know what, it is said to be great. Thanks to the combination of its smaller patterns and fonts.

Tatttoo quote lettering

 12. Small Dream Catcher

It symbolizes protection. And it also has a representation of protection. Thus it can be said to be in in charge of bad energy.

A dream catcher tattoo

 13. Thigh Tattoo

A thigh is somewhat a place of one’s body which is not always exposed. But you know what, a majority of people find it an ideal place to have their tattoo. Well, it is equally unique.

Thigh Tattoo

14. Elbow tattoo

This is put on someone’s elbow. It’s pretty, it’s unique and it’s a way of exploring. Isn’t not a peculiar place to have a mark?

Mini elbow tattoo


15. Small shoulder blade tattoos

This is done on the shoulder. And it is as tiny as any other. Nonetheless, it is strongly recommended to ensure that you really want to explore having a fixated tattoo location.

Schoulder blade tattoo

All said and done the beauty of tattoos is not only on the design but also being at an interesting spot.

CU next time!