Nucleaire? Non Merci Tattoo

Products model: WAZ/K4-L13-R1-K3
Nucleaire? Non Merci Tattoo
Nucleaire? Non Merci Tattoo
Nucleaire? Non Merci Tattoo
Nucleaire? Non Merci Tattoo
Nucleaire? Non Merci Tattoo
Nucleaire? Non Merci temporary tattoo
Size: 2x2 Inch 5x5 cm
(VAT incl.)
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The Nucleaire? Non Merci logo was created in 1975. It has been used in 45 languages throughout the world for many years and has become the most common worldwide symbol in the anti-nuclear power movement. By wearing the "Nucleaire? Non Merci" temporary tattoo you express a polite “no thanks” in response to the nuclear question.

Recent dramatic evolutions in the Japanese nuclear facilities of Fukushima show painfully the need to and actuality of this message.

Nucleaire? Non Merci temporary tattoos are becoming an innovating campaign tool. Temporary tattoos are fast and easy to apply and can be worn all over the body (even in the face, please keep some distance from the eyes).

15% of the revenue of this temporary tattoo goes to the danish OOA Fund and will be used to support campaigns against against development and use of nuclear power. Anti-nuclear campaign leaders can contact us for the best prices for their larger orders. The smiling sun design is copyright protected.


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